New York State Recently Modified its Bail and Discovery Reform Laws and is Beginning to Expand the Types of Matters Being Heard in the Courts While Governor Cuomo’s New York State on PAUSE Executive Order is in Effect: How These Changes Impact Your Case

We previously posted how criminal and civil cases in New York State are being impacted by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York State on PAUSE Executive Order. The Order mandated that only emergency petitions and new arraignments were to be heard in the New York State Courts. Recently, the courts have begun to expand the types of […]

How Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order Affects Your Case

Governor Cuomo signed an Executive Order on March 20, 2020 suspending New York State laws that are in place to protect your constitutional rights, including speedy trial, grand jury presentations, and statute of limitations – how does this affect your case? On March 20, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed Executive Order No. 202.8, which suspends filing […]

Police Make Arrests in Heroin-Related Deaths

On June 27, Harrison Police concluded an investigation into two separate deaths. The authorities ruled that both deaths were the result of snorting or injecting tainted heroin from the same supplier. Police came to this conclusion after arresting three heroin dealers associated with the supplier. Rachael Brissett, only 17, was charged with sale of a […]

New York Cop’s Boyfriend Caught in Sting

27-year-old police officer Julia Goldman was stripped of her badge after her fellow cops realized she was dating 29-year-old Richard Barters. Barters was arrested in Midtown for fraud after detectives performed a sting, only to find Officer Goldman standing at his side. Barters had allegedly promised a Maserati to a man but never delivered the car after […]

Pawn Star member Chumlee arrested

33-year-old Austin Russell, better known as Chumlee on the History Channel show Pawn Stars, has been arrested and charged with twenty felonies. A search of his home was conducted after an employee of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the setting of the popular show, accused him of sexual assault. When police searched Russell’s home for evidence, […]

Branden Dawson arrested on domestic violence charges

23-year-old Branden Dawson, an NBA rookie and a player for the Los Angeles Clippers, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in the morning of March 13 after being charged with felony spousal abuse. According to a news report by theLos Angeles Times and the Daily Mail, Dawson was allegedly involved in an argument with two women, one […]

Is it possible to remove a conviction from my criminal record?

Though it is not possible to expunge a criminal conviction in the state of New York, it may be possible to seal your record. By sealing your record, you will be able to legally conceal your conviction from anyone that runs a background check on you—for instance, employers, lenders, and landlords all routinely run background […]

Should I accept a plea bargain if I am offered one?

Before you speak to anyone associated with law enforcement after criminal charges have been issued against you, you should secure legal representation to help you consider all your legal options. Bearing all of that in mind, there is no reason you should accept the terms of a plea bargain without taking some time to understand everything that […]

Peekskill man arrested over sale and possession of heroin

A three-month investigation by the police departments in Putnam and Westchester counties led to the arrest of a Peekskill man over charges of felony drug sales, the Peekskill-Cortlandt Patch reported on July 16. The 41-year-old man of Hudson Avenue was accused of selling heroin three times to an undercover officer from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, […]