Is it possible to remove a conviction from my criminal record?

Though it is not possible to expunge a criminal conviction in the state of New York, it may be possible to seal your record. By sealing your record, you will be able to legally conceal your conviction from anyone that runs a background check on you—for instance, employers, lenders, and landlords all routinely run background checks on applicants.

While the legal process can be somewhat overwhelming to work through on your own, you will be able to work through this with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands exactly what needs to be done every step of the way.

If you would like to learn more about sealing your record, you should reach out to a Westchester criminal defense attorney from the Portale Randazzo LLP, who can evaluate your case and then help you work through each and every aspect of the legal process. To speak with one of our attorneys about the particulars of your case, please call our offices at (914) 292-3557 today.