Branden Dawson arrested on domestic violence charges

23-year-old Branden Dawson, an NBA rookie and a player for the Los Angeles Clippers, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in the morning of March 13 after being charged with felony spousal abuse. According to a news report by theLos Angeles Times and the Daily Mail, Dawson was allegedly involved in an argument with two women, one of which was his live-in girlfriend, at his house in Playa Vista. The confrontation apparently led to violence, and one of the women stated that the athlete pushed her.

He was jailed with a posted bail of $50,000 but was eventually released that afternoon. If convicted, according to the reports, Dawson will be facing a ten-game ban and possible counseling, as per the NBA’s bargaining agreement. His first hearing is set to happen on April 7.

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