Pawn Star member Chumlee arrested

33-year-old Austin Russell, better known as Chumlee on the History Channel show Pawn Stars, has been arrested and charged with twenty felonies. A search of his home was conducted after an employee of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the setting of the popular show, accused him of sexual assault.

When police searched Russell’s home for evidence, they found drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weaponry. Authorities believe he may have been distributing the pills and marijuana found in his home. He was arrested and the evidence was seized, though he is out of jail on a $62,000 bond. His court date is set for late May and parties are currently arguing if the seizure of property during the search was legal.

Chumlee faces serious charges, which could carry large fines and a long sentence if convicted. It is important to aggressively fight the charges to avoid a strict sentencing. If you are facing any similar charges, having a strong defense could drastically change the outcome of your sentencing. Contact New York criminal defense attorneys at the Portale Randazzo LLP for a free consultation by calling our 24/7 line at (914) 292-3557.