New York Cop’s Boyfriend Caught in Sting

27-year-old police officer Julia Goldman was stripped of her badge after her fellow cops realized she was dating 29-year-old Richard Barters. Barters was arrested in Midtown for fraud after detectives performed a sting, only to find Officer Goldman standing at his side.

Barters had allegedly promised a Maserati to a man but never delivered the car after taking a payment of $10,000. To catch the criminal in the act, detectives had Hooman Mozaffari call Barters and discuss purchasing an expensive car. During the call, Barters claimed he would import the car to sell to Mazaffari and took his money, only to stop communication.

Officer Goldman was placed on modified duty while the investigation continues, as NYPD believes it is best for the time being. Sources are arguing about what she knew about Barters criminal activity, with some saying she was not aware at all of his actions. Both Barters and Goldman could face serious consequences and will need to secure a strong defense in court to avoid harsh sentencing. If you are in need of a New York criminal defense attorney, call the Portale Randazzo LLP at (914) 292-3557 for a free consultation.