Suspect who attacked Parks Department employee released without bail

Cops say that 6-foot-2 Williams Battle attacked 4-foot-11 city worker Rashea Glenn at the Van Dyke Houses in Brownsville on June 7, giving her a black eye and a brain bleed that kept her in intensive care for three days.

Prosecutor Peter Hertzog argued to Judge Lorna McAllister that Battle should be held on $3,500 bail for his crime because he is deemed a high flight risk, had probation revoked previously and has a history of not showing up in court. However, a program liaison met with Battle and determined he was eligible for Mayor de Blasio’s Supervised Release Program after going through an eight-question risk assessment. McAllister signed off on the liaison’s recommendation and did not contest Battle’s release. The judge urged Battle to comply with the program’s rules and regulations, otherwise, a warrant for his arrest will be issued. Glenn was outraged that her attacker was released under the program.

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