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White collar crimes are non-violent offenses that often take place in the business or corporate sector (hence, "white collar"). Often, these cases involve a form of fraud and complex bodies of evidence that require careful navigation to dispute. It is essential that you retain vigilant counsel capable of countering the state's allegations against you when you've been charged with this type of offense.

At Portale Randazzo LLP, our award-winning Westchester County criminal defense attorneys know what it takes to challenge these cases and secure the best possible outcome for your case. With more than four decades of combined experience and an incredibly high success rate in the courtroom, our team of White Plains white collar defense lawyers are ready to assess the details of your case and ensure that every avenue towards a favorable resolution is explored.

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What Is Considered a "White Collar Crime?"

The term "white collar crime" is shorthand for various forms of theft or fraud. While many high-profile cases have emerged from the corporate sector, white collar crimes can be committed by individuals and organizations from any walk of life.

Some of the most common examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Bank fraud: A person commits this offense when they use fraud or deception to obtain money or other property from a bank, credit union, or other federally insured institution.
  • Embezzlement: This occurs when a person entrusted with business assets uses them for personal gain or other unlawful purposes.
  • Identity theft: It’s unlawful for a person to take the personal information of another and use it to conduct transactions, such as open a loan or make a fraudulent insurance claim.
  • Insider trading: A person may have access to material and non-public information about a company. If they provide such to anyone else to influence stock buying or selling decisions, they could be charged with insider trading.
  • Insurance fraud: This can occur in several ways. One is when a person uses deception to obtain benefits they’re not entitled to. Another is when a company knowingly denies benefits to someone who is owed them.
  • Intellectual property theft: Intellectual property includes things such as ideas, movies, music, and software. Although the digital era makes it easy to share this type of information, doing so without proper permission is illegal and carries severe penalties.
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud: This type of fraud can be committed by beneficiaries or physicians. It involves submitting false claims to receive benefits or other items of value.
  • Money laundering: This is a complex scheme that involves conducting various transactions to hide the source of ill-gotten money. It typically occurs in organized crime settings.
  • Securities fraud: Various types of securities fraud exist. Generally, they involve using some kind of artifice to affect the financial markets.
  • Tax offenses: Falsifying or omitting information on tax returns to avoid obligations is illegal, and the penalties upon conviction are harsh.
  • Wire/mail fraud: Wire and mail fraud occur when someone uses mail or electronic services to further a fraud scheme. For instance, suppose a person is trying to swindle money out of others. They might send letters through regular mail or email saying something like they need extensive medical treatment and are asking people for help raising cash for the costs. However, no such medical care is required.

If you have been accused of these offenses—or any other form of fraud—it is likely that prosecutors will try to assert a "paper trail" of evidence against you. At our firm, our White Plains white collar crime lawyers will work with our own experts to examine the evidence and ensure that any shortcomings in the state's case against you are exposed.

Reductions and dismissals can be possible in these cases. Call Portale Randazzo LLP at (914) 292-3557​ or use our online form to speak with us.

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  • No Jail Time Arson / Theft / Grand Larceny – Arson Charge
  • All Charges Dismissed Assault / Attempted Murder / CPW – Mount Vernon Dad Shoots Assailant
  • All Charges Dismissed Assault / Criminal Trespass / Harassment – Confrontation With Police Chief
  • All Charges Dismissed Assault / Reckless Driving / Leaving the Scene – Auto Accident
  • Plea Deal Assault / Reckless Endangerment / Reckless Driving / Resisting Arrest – Police High Speed Car Chase Defense
  • Released from Prison Pending Appeal Conspiracy and Criminal Sale of a Narcotic Drug
  • All Charges Dismissed CPW / Menacing – Teenage Actor Cornered by Thugs – Acts in Self-Defense
  • All Charges Dismissed CPW / Violation of Parole – Possession of an Illegal Weapon Dropped
  • All Charged Dismissed Criminal Nuisance / EWC – Westchester Mom Studying for Ph.D.
  • Verdict against co-defendant, affirmed on appeal Deliberate Indifference to Medical Needs and Wrongful Death

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