Woman charged with murdering ex-boyfriend, bond set at $500,000

A New York City woman was charged with shooting her ex-boyfriend in the head from the back seat of his car in August 2014. Cheryl Nisbett allegedly used the gun of Robert Ashbourne, her ex-boyfriend, to shoot him. Her first court appearance on October 7 resulted in a bail set at $500,000 and an order from the court to surrender her travel documents.

The murder took place in Mt. Vernon, New York. Ashbourne’s vehicle drove through an intersection and crashed into a parked SUV after he was shot. Witnesses at the scene of the accident believed Ashbourne to be knocked out by the impact of the initial accident. Police officials later discovered blood from the gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosecutors allege that Nisbett contacted the deceased prior to his death in order to return his gun. She is also being charged with several weapons offenses. The state has offered a plea agreement that would require Nisbett to plead guilty to murder and receive a 30 year prison sentence without parole. This is the minimum sentence for a murder conviction, the maximum being life in jail.

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