Westchester man charged with assault over bike rage

A teenager was assaulted on Saturday, September 24 by a Yorktown man due to a bike-accident-related rage in Mount Pleasant.

The incident happened along North County Trailway where, according to police authorities, Gregory Avon, 59, collided with a 14-year-old boy while both were riding bikes. Immediately following the accident, the man attacked the boy, punching him in the face and injuring his jaw and mouth severely. The young victim had to go into surgery because of the severity of his injuries and was taken to the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.

Avon didn’t stay on the site of the assault and quickly fled, pursued by several other bicyclists whom he escaped while on Route 117 near Pace University. The Pleasantville police, along with an air unit from the Westchester County Police, searched the area but did not find Avon until about an hour and 15 minutes later in North Castle. Upon capture, he was charged with assault and endangering a child.

Being charged with assault causing bodily injury, especially to a child, is a serious offense that can affect your personal and professional life. In such a case that this happens, contact a Westchester criminal defense attorney with Portale Randazzo LLP at (914) 292-3557 to set up a consultation.