Fourteen Arrested in East End Drug Ring Takedown

Fourteen people have been arrested, but police are expecting 40 additional arrests in this takedown of a Bloods gang-affiliated drug ring, run out of the East End of New York. The ring reportedly expanded across New York and distributed in East Hampton, Riverhead, Southampton, and Southold. So far, New York police have seized several kilograms of cocaine, heroin, cars, firearms, and over $150,000 in cash associated with the drug ring.

The investigation had been going on for several years by the time of the bust and had utilized many risky investigative techniques in order to catch their suspects including undercover work and advanced electronic surveillance. Of the 14 people arrested, three were known Bloods gang members and several were major drug dealers. According to the East End police, these distributors were well-known in the area and responsible for exacerbating the area’s heroin problem.

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