NYC Corrections Officers have 25 claims of sexual assault against them

According to I-Team reports, the number of sexual abuse claims against New York City has surged over 25 as women reported abuse at the hands of correction officers during jail visitation.

Places facing allegation included the Detention Centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as a visitor’s center on Rikers Island, where Lyshineek Morales was subjected to the illegal body cavity searches in late August. She was ordered to remove her undergarments and perform a squat and cough, according to I-Team reports.

Another woman, Lanique Green, had been ordered similarly to remove her pants during her visit to the Manhattan Detention Center in April.

Prosecutor Alan Figman took on the case for 25 women, personally initiating a criminal investigation and claiming the Department of Justice should have a monitoring system in place, “The Commissioner acts like it isn’t happening, but it’s rampant, it’s all over.”

A spokesman for the DOC said, “In order to ensure that all consented searches are done properly, cameras have been installed in the search area of the Benjamin Ward Central Visit Facility (on Rikers).”

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