Graswald Defense Awaits Evidence, Autopsy Report
Angelika Graswald charged

Angelika Graswald, the Poughkeepsie woman who has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection to the death of her fiancé in a kayaking accident, attended a pretrial conference in Orange County Court this past week. However, it is likely the last time she will appear in court for several months, as both the prosecution and her defense are going through the process of discovery, where both sides are collecting and exchanging evidence and witness testimony that will be used in trial.

Richard Portale, Graswald’s defense attorney, is currently waiting for the autopsy report for Graswald’s fiancé, Vincent Viafore. However, he is also waiting for a number of other important pieces of evidence, including Graswald’s diary, photos, various papers, and other important items.

Graswald stands accused of contributing to Viafore’s death by intentionally tampering with his kayak and waiting to call for help after his kayak tipped over while the two were kayaking on the Hudson earlier this year. Her defense, however, is arguing that Viafore’s death was simply a tragic accident.