Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Sex Crimes Twice in Four Weeks

Queens resident Rodney Pierre was recently arrested for grinding against a woman at a subway station just two weeks after a similar incident.

The most recent December incident took place at an East Harlem subway station where officers spotted him making sexual advances on a woman; he was later found on the subway rubbing against her body. Just two weeks prior, Pierre was arrested for masturbating on a woman’s leg which, not coincidentally, also took place on a subway. Rodney Pierre has now been arrested eight times for assorted sex crimes, including attempted rape. Because of his extensive criminal record, he has been labeled a Level 3 sex offender, which is the highest risk level possible.

Defending against any sex offense charge is no easy feat, let alone defending against the eighth one. Criminal penalties for sex crimes are among the harshest out there and, as a result, any person charged with one must be prepared to find qualified legal representation to defend their rights. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact the experienced attorneys of the Portale Randazzo LLP by calling (914) 292-3557 today.