Eddie Antar of ‘Crazy Eddie’ Chain, Dies at 68

Eddie Antar, the founder of the “Crazy Eddie” electronics chain died Saturday, September 10.

Antar was 68. The cause of his death was undisclosed.

The “Crazy Eddie” chain of stores was famous for its ads featuring a manic salesman boasting that “Our prices are insane!” The chain sprouted from a single store in Brooklyn, growing into 43 stores spanning four states.

However, Antar ran into trouble with the law during his career. He was indicted on securities fraud and insider trading charges, in 1989, but escaped them by fleeing to Israel, where he had opened many bank accounts into which he deposited unreported income.

Antar was extradited from Israel in 1993, and was found guilty of stock fraud and racketeering. The decision was reversed in a 1995 appeal. However, Antar did eventually plead guilty to federal to federal fraud charges and served some time in prison.