Connecticut man charged with stealing vehicle in Mamaroneck

According to the Armonk Daily Voice, Connecticut State Police are reporting that a man from Hartford is now facing a number of serious criminal charges after allegedly stealing a vehicle in Mamaroneck on the 23rd of June before leading police on a pursuit across multiple highways. While he was apprehended by the Trumbull Police Department in Connecticut, Rafael Vasquez is alleged to have stolen the Honda Civic used during the pursuit in the state of New York.

Police from multiple law enforcement agencies have alleged that Vasquez then failed to pull the vehicle over when prompted to do so. The ensuing high-speed chase passed through the cities Bridgeport, Westport, Fairfield, Stratford, and Trumbull. Vasquez is alleged to have caused a number of accidents while evading police.

Among a myriad of other serious charges, Rafael Vasquez will be facing larceny charges associated with the allegations that he stole the vehicle used to evade police. Since the individual charges involved in this case went across state lines, it is possible Vasquez may be face separate charges in each state.

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