New York Man Charged With Mail Fraud for Alleged Vermin Scam

Earlier this fall, David Han of Queens was charged with one count of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud for his elaborate “Vermin Control” scam. Han and his co-conspirators were found mailing violation notices to New York residents which instructed them to pay a $120 fine for unnamed violations. The notice was […]

Fraud suit underway against White Plains Esplanade

A family of a former Esplanade senior resident has filed suit against the owner for fraud and breach of contract. Marc Sherman, attorney, and son of 85-year-old Rachel Sherman filed the suit with New York’s Supreme Court when they received notice in October 2015 about the need move out. According to Esplanade, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, the […]

Tape Convicts NYPD Cop of Molestation

33-year-old NYPD cop Jacob Sabbagh will receive his sentence in September for molesting a child from 2005 to 2008. In December, a 21-year-old woman reported Sabbagh for inappropriately touching her many times when she was just 10 years old. Sabbagh’s conviction came after he admitted to molesting her on tape in court recently. His sentencing […]

Eddie Antar of ‘Crazy Eddie’ Chain, Dies at 68

Eddie Antar, the founder of the “Crazy Eddie” electronics chain died Saturday, September 10. Antar was 68. The cause of his death was undisclosed. The “Crazy Eddie” chain of stores was famous for its ads featuring a manic salesman boasting that “Our prices are insane!” The chain sprouted from a single store in Brooklyn, growing […]

What is considered to be wire fraud?

Wire fraud generally constitutes any plan devised with the intent of defrauding others of money or property via any electric form of media. Allegations of wire fraud can be exceedingly serious; in many cases, wire fraud may be prosecuted in either state or federal court since electronic communication often cross state lines. Moreover, by the time […]