Murder / Manslaughter / Assault / EWC – Mom Acquitted of Killing Her Baby Criminal

Young mother wrongfully accused of killing her baby, Westchester Criminal Attorney Richard Portale sets her FREE. A 1-year old little girl was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital and over a year later – mom continued to sit in an orange jumpsuit in an 8 by 8 foot jail cell. After being approached by her family, Criminal defense lawyer, Richard A. Portale, ESQ. decided to take up her cause and fight for her. It was an intense, no holds barred, month-long trial in Judge Zambelli’s courtroom – which passersby sometimes described as a battlefield. Mortar fire rained down upon the 2nd floor of the courthouse day after day, witness after witness as Mr. Portale slowly and methodically dismantled a very strong government case – which included an eyewitness, physical evidence – including DNA and a 6-hour videotaped confession that Mr. Portale suppressed. When the dust settled, the jury was in tears and this 21-year-old was acquitted of manslaughter and set free.