Richard Portale Featured in Netflix Documentary ‘The Confession Tapes’

On June 21, 2019, Netflix released the second season of their true crime series entitled, “The Confession Tapes,” which covers coerced or false confessions. Episode 3: “Deep Down” features the case of Angelika Graswald, who was successfully defended by Portale Randazzo attorney Richard Portale for allegedly murdering her husband in 2015 in a kayak in the Hudson River.

Shortly after the incident, while still reeling from the overwhelming grief of having watched her fiancé sink into the Hudson river, never to be seen again, Angelika endured an 11-hour interrogation at the hands of New York State Police in Montgomery Barracks. Amid exhaustion, stress, grief and many other emotions, she finally capitulated, stating “Fine, you want a statement, I’ll give you a statement, ‘I wanted him gone. Now he’s dead and I’m ok with it’”.

Mr. Portale was interviewed extensively and explained how law enforcement officials coerced Ms. Graswald into making the statements, contorted them into an alleged confession and concocted other evidence to wrongfully prosecute her.

Ms. Graswald was released from Prison days before Christmas, 2017.

Check out The Confession Tapes on Netflix to watch Mr. Portale and learn what Angelika has been up to since her release.

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