COVID-19 Outbreak is Affecting At-Risk Incarcerated Individuals: How Portale Randazzo LLP’s Proven Record of Success Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

PORTALE RANDAZZO’s attorneys are working to serve the community by helping those currently incarcerated in New York. We are ready to help by providing legal services in the form of emergency sentence reduction hearings, habeas corpus motions, orders to show cause, and bail reduction applications for all of those at risk from COVID-19, whether due to their age and/or health conditions. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented crisis and is spreading throughout the jails and prisons in New York State, and we are committed to getting your loved ones out of jail and home safely as fast as possible.

New York Sentence Reductions and Bail Review

In acknowledging the concerns of rapid COVID-19 transmission in New York State Correctional Facilities, the New York City Board of Correction issued a statement imploring officials to immediately remove from jail all people at higher risk from infection. New York State Officials have also encouraged prosecutors and judges to reconsider sentences for those incarcerated in local and regional jails that are at-risk for COVID-19 due to their age or health conditions.

Unfortunately, the prosecutorial response has been tepid at best and many vulnerable and at-risk inmates remain incarcerated, risking a literal death sentence due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire an attorney that will protect your loved one by utilizing the opportunities for emergency hearings, which include: release pending trial, bail reduction, release pending a sentence modification hearing, and sentence reduction for misdemeanor and felony convictions. The courts in New York State are open for emergency hearings to determine whether older at-risk inmates or those with underlying health issues can be released early for all New York City Jails and New York State Jails and Prisons.

The attorneys at PORTALE RANDAZZO LLP are prepared and knowledgeable New York criminal defense attorneys who can draft, file, and argue these emergency motions on behalf of anyone in need of this important service. We have been diligently filing these motions on behalf of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Examples of recent successes include; achieving the release of our at risk, Westchester client, who was serving three separate jail sentences on three criminal convictions and successfully moving to quash an interstate extradition warrant lodged in New York City (Manhattan) against our at-risk client serving a sentence in California. Both of our clients are now home safe with their loved ones.

For all defendants that have been denied bail or cannot afford to post the amount of bail that is currently set, our office will file an emergency bail reduction motion to petition the court for their release or a reasonable bail/bond amount. This is extremely important for all those inmates awaiting trial because, given the current court closures, trial dates are expected to be significantly delayed. As trial dates are delayed, the courts and prosecutors will be more willing to consider release and/or reducing bail.

For all defendants that are currently serving a sentence, we may be able to successfully move to have the sentence set aside or modified to secure your loved one’s release from prison.

Do not delay as this opportunity may not last long as the courts may reopen soon. During this extremely stressful time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak, PORTALE RANDAZZO LLP will be able to petition the courts for early release and bail for at-risk inmates. Call us today (914) 292-3557  to discuss how our team can help or fill out the contact form on our website: and someone from our office will call you to discuss your case.