Cleared of All Charges

Sex Crimes / Rape – Client Accused of Rape on the West Coast Criminal

A longtime client of ours was on the west coast for business and had no choice but to blow up the cell phone of Westchester Criminal Attorney Richard A. Portale in the middle of the night. The client shared that he was wanted for questioning by police – he was being accused of raping a young woman he met in the hotel bar after a night of heavy drinking. From across the country, Mr. Portale immediately interceded between the client and the sex crimes detectives, who can sometimes be very jaded and overly aggressive. Mr. Portale used his vast network to locate an investigator that was sympathetic to our client’s cause. Within weeks, Mr. Portale was able to persuade the Detectives that the accuser was not credible and our client was cleared of all charges. It cannot be overlooked that these detectives took their jobs very seriously and took the time to thoroughly examine all the evidence, rather making a knee jerk arrest –a real throwback to the days of common sense and patience in the investigation stages of alleged sex crimes allegations.