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Money laundering is a serious federal offense. Depending on the nature of the incident, it is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of either 10 or 20 years. Additionally, a court may impose a fine of up to $500,000 or twice the financial transaction amount. Because money laundering can help further crimes, the FBI thoroughly investigates these matters, often working with local and international law enforcement agencies. However, although great efforts are made to identify and prosecute alleged money launderers, that does not mean every person suspected of committing the offense is guilty. Defenses can be raised to fight the allegations.

If the FBI is investigating you for money laundering, or you've been charged with the offense, contact Portale Randazzo LLP immediately. Federal and local law enforcement agencies spend a lot of time building cases against the accused. You need a team on your side ready and willing to expend the necessary effort to build your defense. Our White Plains attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience, have handled complex cases, and know how the judicial process works. We will fight relentlessly for you, and seek to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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What Is Money Laundering?

As with legitimate businesses, for a criminal enterprise to continue, it must make a profit. But unlike legitimate companies, criminal businesses earn proceeds from unlawful conduct, such as trafficking drugs or selling illegal weapons.

Because a criminal enterprise's funds are ill-gotten, they cannot be used directly; otherwise, it would raise suspicion. Those involved with the business must find a way to "clean" the dirty money to funnel back into the business. Concealing the source of unlawfully obtained funds is called money laundering.

Various processes are used to launder money, including:

  • Placing: This is when illegally obtained funds are put into the financial system.
  • Layering: The money is transmitted through a series of transactions to disguise its origin.
  • Integrating: Once the money’s source is hidden, it's then withdrawn from the financial institution and used for legitimate and criminal purposes.

The methods above are the most basic description of money laundering. Several complex transactions will be used to conceal the source of criminal proceeds. Because of this, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies often face challenges when pursuing alleged money launderers. They may target a legitimate business believing that it's a front for a criminal enterprise or may suspect individuals making numerous small-dollar deposits as being part of a criminal organization. Thus, an otherwise innocent and law-abiding citizen may find themselves subject to an investigation.

At Portale Randazzo LLP, we recognize that you are innocent until proven guilty and may have been accused of a crime when you engaged in no wrongdoing. That is why we will review all documents, reports, records, and other relevant material about your case to find holes in the prosecution's allegations and strengthen your defense. Speak with our White Plains attorneys to learn more about our legal services.

What Must the Prosecution Prove in a Money Laundering Case?

As with any other criminal matter, in a money laundering case, a prosecutor is tasked with proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the alleged offense.

For money laundering, the elements the prosecutor must prove include:

  • The defendant knew that the money they were dealing with was derived from a felony offense
  • The defendant knowingly had some part in a financial transaction involving the ill-gotten funds
  • The defendant participated in the transaction with a specific intent, such as:
    • Furthering illegal activity
    • Evading tax obligations
    • Concealing or disguising the source of the money
    • Avoiding state or federal reporting requirements

Several defenses can be raised to cast doubt on the prosecutor's arguments, but each individual case must be evaluated on its own merits to determine how to effectively fight the charge. Allow our team to review your case and determine a course of action for you.

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Develop a defense for a money laundering case requires a thorough understanding of the legal system and its processes. At Portale Randazzo LLP, our White Plains team has a proven track record and knows how to aggressively fight charges.

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